Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watching My Budget Shrink!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I made another Anthropologie purchase:

anadyomene malliot, org. $148 by pez d'or

I had to buy this. It was waaaay marked down and I shelled out a mere $20 and change for it. It has a sweet 1950's style with a halter strap, gathered mid-section and low cut leg holes. I have a slew of teeny bikinis, but as I enter my 30's I just don't feel like prancing around the beach nearly naked anymore. 

So that leaves me with about $21 and change to play with for the rest of the month and its only the 6th!!! Its gonna be tough, but I can handle this!

Yesterday's outfit was chosen for thrift shopping. I always try to wear leggings so I can try on skirts and pants without too much trouble and I just love this little fish chemise. It was a beautiful, warm day so a light cardigan was all I needed. 

Chemise- Lilka, Anthropologie summer 2010
Cardigan- Splendid, Anthropologie 2009
Leggings- BDG, Urban Outfitters 2009
Boots- Steve Madden 2008
Boot Cuffs- KittyDune on Etsy, current

A note on the boots, I've had these re-soled twice in the past few years. If you spend a lot of money on shoes and happen to wear the soles out, invest in shoe repair. Its about $30 depending on where you go to have new soles put on. These boots had a slick sole on them and the shoe repair replaced them with hard rubber soles with tread. No more slipping on slick surfaces! My advice is not to try and take all of your shoes at once. Shoe repair costs add up so take them in as they wear down.

KittyDune is an Etsy seller I found while searching for something to spice up my legwear collection. The boot cuffs are about 6" high so you won't experience excess bulk or overheat in your boots. I also bought them in plum!

Etsy is a fantastic site for finding great handmade goods for fair prices. Most sellers will fulfill custom orders as well, so if you have something specific in mind, find a reputable seller and make a request or try posting your idea on the Alchemy where sellers will bid on the job! I love searching through the  Treasury and other seller's favorites to find new and unique hand made items perfect for gift giving! There's also a ton of vintage clothing for sale on Etsy!

Today's outfit is boring loungewear, so I won't be posting it :)



  1. Hi Sandra!
    I found your blog through Carol's In Pursuit of Pretty Things, and I had to comment because I too am doing a year of no shopping - starting on my 27th birthday this January 15th! I'm excited and nervous, but your fantastic remixing is already giving me hope.
    I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your blog on my page - I feel like there is a big "remix and do without new" trend happening right now.
    As a side note - I bought that chemise as a gift once and I've always thought it's completely adorable - you look great!

  2. I also found you through Carol......and also found that bathing suit, mine for 39.95! Do you possibly have the style number, tag, or could you tell me which store it's from. Would be great to save some money!