Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold...

I'm so glad I wore a blazer to work today. It was hot out, but I was cold, then it was cold outside but hot in the store. I was removing and replacing my jacket all day.

Here's my outfit worn hot and cold:

print mixing with a scarf

staying respectably modest with a lace bralette from free people

a little entomology taxidermy to usher in spring...

Blazer- Cartonnier, Anthropologie 2010
Denim- AG boyfriend, Anthropologie 2010
Blouse- Parker Pink, Anthropologie 2009
Scarf- BDG, Urban Outfitters 2009
Necklace- Butterfly Taxidermy Necklace, Anthropologie 2006
Bralette- Free People
Shoes- Seychelles, Anthropologie 2009
Ring- Sterling silver and onyx ring
Michael Kors Watch


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