Friday, January 14, 2011

Pretty Dress Day!

I had such fun in this outfit today!

I shopped at a fabulous Estate Sale in Cardiff this morning, got some vintage clothes and stuff to sell once I have time to get my vintage clothing Etsy shop up and running (hopefully soon! Too many projects taking up my time!) Then I stopped in at Amvets and picked some more vintage to sell.
I wish I could go back to the estate sale tomorrow- 50% off everything and they had some fantastic stuff!
I even bought some more succulents! I like to think I saved them :)

The woman who passed away had tons of great vintage, lots of craft supplies and a good collection of electric exercise machines...Remember the Relaxasizor  from Mad Men (Aug '08)? I saw one today, in pristine condition!!! I wish I could go back and buy it tomorrow just for the novelty of it!

I almost wish I had purchased the Scott Baio album dreamy! Hahaha...

I think I have just transferred my shopping addiction to thrift stores because now I'm hoarding stuff to sell. Sheesh!

I worked late tonight and wore these shoes from 9am to around 6pm and then switched flats. Miss Albright makes some very comfortable shoes!

Dress- Vintage 1950's
Belt- Spats Belt- Contrived To Charm
Shoes- Miss Albright, Anthropologie
Tights- Hue
Necklace- Vintage Copper by Renoir
Ring- Miss November Studio Shield Ring 

Read about the ring here

I made these in the studio yesterday from repurposed earrings.



  1. so this is by far my fav so far, soley because of the Relaxasizor. Now I am expecting a picture of your poodle jacket. Turns out I have a poodle coat as well, but it is not real poodle...see you bright and early lady!

  2. You looked gorgeous in that dress! And I hear it made quite the stir all day long... you head-turner, you. :)

  3. Sandra these rings are great! And that dress really is pretty! =D Estate sales are so interesting - they're like treasure hunts, aren't they?