Friday, January 7, 2011

Ride 'Em, Cowgirl! DE-HOARDING CONTEST!!!

Happy Friday everyone!
Keep reading for Contest info!

So today was the first day I looked through my closet and couldn't decide what to wear. It took me about ten minutes to settle on this dress, but when I pulled it out all the pieces came together quickly.

Today's Outfit:

Dress: Vintage 
Belt: Contrived to Charm, current
Shoes: Tsubo, 2009
Necklace: Contrived to Charm, 2008
Ring: Sterling Filigree

About those Accessories...

These shoes were one of those, hey, they're only $12 purchases. I have only worn them twice, including today. I managed to survive a 9 hour shift on my feet in them, so I'm definitely going to be pulling them out again. I love the pin-tucking detail on the heel!

My good friend Tiffany made this necklace a while back when we were surviving in our vintage clothing store by making our own jewelry. I had to have this! She has collected vintage buttons, buckles, knick-knacks and broken jewelry for years and began piecing them together into buckle collage necklaces. I have two of them, and if I had my way I would have owned them all! She still makes some pretty awesome jewelry available for purchase at Home Mercantile in San Diego. 
She also made that bitchin' belt! Other designs are available at her Etsy shop

I have a huge collection of rings. Huge. Its kind of an illness! I have never worn this ring and I have owned it for about three years! the spirit of de-hoarding, I'm offering this sterling silver filigree ring for my first giveaway!

All you have to do is collect points to get in the raffle! 
There are lots of ways to earn points, and each one is good for one ticket in the raffle. You can hoard raffle tickets to help me de-hoard my closet!

Here's how:

1. "follow" my blog (get your google account and get your little picture up there!) If you're already "following" you get an automatic point!
2. For every comment you leave you get another point!
3. In every post I'll ask a question, answer and get a point!
4. "like" Miss November Studio on Facebook, get two points!
5. Post your outfit of the day (OOTD) until the end of the contest on Miss November's Facebook page and get two points!
6. Link my blogs Closet at Capacity and/or Miss November Studio back from your blog (let me know via comment) and get 5 points!

The contest will run for two weeks- Saturday 1/8 through 1/22. 

Get your points in and win!


  1. Yay! Fun giveaway! I follow the blog, and like MNS on FB, AND you're in my blogroll on my blog. I'll write about the giveaway in a post sometime this weekend. =D

  2. Oh, and btw, I LOVE that buckle collage necklace made by your friend! It's beautiful! I'll have to check her out, once my shopping ban is over. Your dress is so cute - but you already know I have a distinct weakness for shirtdresses. ^_-

  3. Sandra! If you need a "Closet at Capacity" blog banner designed--let me know!!! Love this idea--I am a follower!

  4. I was already following you with Google Reader but now I'm also following you with the Friend Connect thingie. I'm a super fan!

  5. I remember when you wore this to Anthro... Looove the accessories, and the dress. It was definitely a successful look. ; )