Monday, February 28, 2011

February Closet Shopping Recap

Oh my, how I have missed you! I have to apologize for not being able to keep up with my posts on a daily basis, but I have been busy with EDIE+edie, eBay and MissNovemberStudio, not to mention tons of extra homework from my day job.
 I also made a new metalsmith friend in San Diego that I'm super excited to spend some shop time with and bounce ideas off of (Hi Allison!) She actually sells the *original* silverware garden markers you have seen and possibly bought at Anthropologie! Check out Monkeys Always Look on Etsy and drool along with me at her super fun, and entirely customizable jewelry!

Photo borrowed from Monkeys Always Look's Etsy site.

 I'll try and be better about posting, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with daily posts, but I will continue to post my outfits and update you on my shizzzz...

I will tell you, I bought my one pair of Citizens Of Humanity Jeans as my purchase of the month, and although they were super expensive, it was still less than my average monthly spending pre-Closet at Capacity. I bought some other stuff, but they are socked away for Christmas gifts (sometimes when you see a great deal, you gotta grab it now!) After last Christmas, Blake and I decided we would try and spread our Christmas spending throughout the year, so far I have found presents for two people. I feel pretty good about that!

I'm so excited to see the product landing for March, I think what I learned this month is to not be hasty and just make a purchase without thinking about it first. Usually I leave the tags on things to mull it over, and I'm glad I did. I initially bought a Bordeaux maxi dress because I thought it would sell out. I held onto it for three weeks before finding my PERFECT bellbottom jeans. 

For March I have my eye on the striped Eva Franco dress and the We Heart Vera strawberry print dress...but we will see!

Here is my recap of February's outfits, the first 4 or 5 had not been posted due to lameness on my part. Sorry. Really. I've been busy shopping my closet!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I've Been Busy! Sorry!!!

Hey everyone, sorry about the random spurts of postings, I've had homework and so much going on my brain is fried!

Hence the hat...

I have a thing for hats. Even this one. 
Don't judge! (I'm still wearing it...)

So here my dears are the missing outfits for the past few days...please note that I didn't actually leave my sofa Wednesday or Thursday due to homework so no posts of my loveliness...

except for this...thank my dear husband :)

This look says "quit messing with me I'm busy thinking!"

Thanks, honey. And thanks to Mac for giving me that ghastly dead glow from the reflection of your screen! Yikes!

Here is Monday:

Tunic- Tracy Reese, spring 2010
Tank- Eloise, Anthropologie
Denim- AG leggings, Anthropologie 2009
Necklace- vintage
Shoes- Frye, Anthropologie 2009

And Tuesday...

Cardigan- Moth, Anthropologie 
Blouse- We Heart Vera, Spring 2010
Denim- AG Boyfriend, Anthropologie 2009
Shoes- Toms (These are not what I wore to work...)
Necklace- Vintage poker chip 
Earrings- Sterling Silver 

And Friday!

Sweater- Moth, Anthropologie fall 2009
Tee- Little Yellow Button- Anthropologie spring 2010
Denim- Citizens Of Humanity, Anthropologie 2011 (in a minute, in a minute!)
Shoes- Vintage 1970's Clogs (anniversary gift last year from my hubs!)
Necklaces: vintage glass elephant necklace, vintage turquoise and sterling necklace

So a haircut isn't the only thing new...I made my one February purchase...These smokin' hot amazazing
bell bottom jeans by Citizens of Humanity! I know what you're thinking, so expensive...I know, but consider this: I have been lusting after the AG Farrah bell bottoms, and I walk into work and these little beauties are solo hanging on the go-back rack. I immediately reach for them and its like electricity...bolts of lightning shooting through my fingertips at the hanger. I reach for the tag...size 26! They have the perfect dye and shading...and the front pockets! I try them on and its like lightning shooting out of my butt...I mean, perfect ass jeans! I bought them on my break and the rest is history. They have the perfect length for wearing heels, and I love the way they look on. I'm in love with my jeans! Soooo glad I changed my rules (but I only get one thing now, might as well be something I really love and will get a ton of wear out of!)

Gonna check out now!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart-to-Heart Winners and Outfits!

Howdy Friends!

First, the winners of the Heart-to-Heart Contest...


The winner of most comment posts is GOLDENMEANS
and the winner of the drawing is BRIANA!

contact me at missnovemberstudio (at) yahoo (dot) com to claim your prizes!

Its been a busy week and its about to get busier! I have been making contacts at local stores to sell my jewelry and I'm learning about what I can sell in retail stores to still turn a profit once the store takes their cut. I still have some work to do! 

Here are the outfits for the last few days...


Jacket- HeiHei, Anthropologie spring 2010
Dress, Tracy Reese, Anthropologie 2007?
Shoes- Seychelles, Anthropologie 2009
Earrings- Vintage 
Fresh from the studio last week, Ray Gun Necklaces in Sterling and Copper by Miss November Studio!


Blouse- Vintage Mexican Embroidered Flour Sack 
Skirt- Buffalo by David Bitton
Sunglasses- Ray Ban Aviators
Belt- thrifted
Shoes- Toms
Cuff- Vintage
Moped- 1970's Pinto


Sweater- H&M spring 2010
Dress- Vintage 1940's Rayon
Shoes- Vintage Chuck Taylors
Michael Kors Watch
Ring and Earrings- Miss November Studio
Handbag- Vintage

single Fall Leaf Earring by Miss November Studio

This weekend was fun, Hubby and I went to the in-laws to do some laundry. We had a pipe burst and all our towels were used to sop up the mess and they were so stinky!

My brother in law just bought a 1970's Pinto Moped to ride to school so Hubby and I snuck it out for a quick fun! I've always wanted a 50's Vespa to ride around on, but since we moved to a more urban area, I just don't think it would be a safe option. Oh well!

My in-law's have fabulous landscaping and the backyard has a guest cottage and a tiki hut, so it was the perfect spot for taking pictures for EDIE+edie. It was so beautiful Saturday so I hauled a bunch of vintage clothes and Hubby was my photographer taking pics for my vintage Etsy store. Here's a sneak peek:

Vintage Stripe Pencil Skirt

Vintage Pencil Skirt

Vintage Halter and Leather Skirt

Vintage Contempo Casuals Dress

Sunday I had a shopping date with a few friends, we went to lunch and hit a bunch of boutiques I had never been to before. Amy found a few great items, but Megan and I were able to walk away from everything! I did see an amazing vintage shirt at Frock You Vintage but I had already scoured the $5 and $10 piles on Friday and found a few amazing vintage deals, so I had to leave it behind. It had little apples and liquor jugs all over it in a repeating pattern and it was so whimsical! Errrr...I have been thinking of shopping so much lately, its been really hard to leave work with nothing! I'll be ok though...

I think...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Hey There, Mister...


Yesterday's outfit was super riding boots and all!

One of my coworkers thought I was rockin' a unitard :O 

(I was like whaaaaa? Noooooo!)

I originally had wanted to wear this green silk blouse from F21 but it has a stain (noooooooo!)
So instead I wore this fabulously simple little v-neck by c keer. 

The belt, of course, is from the fabulous Contrived to Charm with a vintage Gucci scarf (more on that later).

B for Blake, S for Sandra. Or bullshit. You decide.

Tee- C Keer, Anthropologie 2008 or 09?
Pants- American Apparel Jodhpurs, 2010
Boots- Vintage
Scarf- Vintage Gucci, thrifted
Earrings- vintage thrifted

By now you all know how much I love my C2C belts, I wear them pretty often. This was a style Tiffany was doing early on and she sold gobs of them. I love changing out the scarves for different outfits, its a pretty versatile belt as long as you have scarves to switch out. 
Speaking of scarves, this has got to be my favorite, not only is it gorgeous and well made, its a vintage Gucci and I bought it for $2. That's right, I bought it at a thrift store. It was packed in with all the other old lady scarves. It was a total afterthought to look in the scarf section, I was ready to check out, I had my basket full...and I stopped to look. I didn't even see the logo until the cashier was ringing it up. They had placed the big red tag over the logo and hung it on a peg. $2!!!!! I died. It was my best purchase of the day!
Vintage Gucci, $2
You can't really see the earrings I wore with my outfit, but here they are. These were thrifted also and I almost didn't buy them, but they had something charming about them...get it?

I know. I'm superfunny. NO BIGGY.

Today I wore junky clothes while running errands and making necklaces in the studio...RAY GUN necklaces! Check them out on my post at MissNovemberStudio blog!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have a few outfits for you and an exciting announcement!!!

Ok, Ok, I'll start with the announcement...

My new Etsy endeavor is now open for business (I have only listed a few items so far) at EDIE+edie. So far it has only 3 listings, but I'm working on getting it all up there!

Here's my "about me":

I have been collecting and wearing vintage since I can remember. Even as a kid I rocked 60's hand me downs (fourth grade, yellow bell bottom cords, never ending humiliation). I briefly owned a fantastic vintage store in Oceanside, CA with my friend and it was glorious! Opening a shop on Etsy was always an eventuality because I can't stop hoarding! EDIE+edie is born of my fascination and admiration of Little Edie Bouvier Beals' sublimely individual fashion sense born of necessity and insanity. What better two words to describe fashion?

So, one more thing to suck away at my precious little time, but I'll be glad to have a place to sell all the great vintage I find!

OH, and my blog friends always get a discount! When you find something you like enter coupon code
EDIESFRIEND at checkout and get 20% off!

ENOUGH of that though, I owe you three outfits! Ahhh! I hate falling behind, but I can't blog every night! My husband already hates my laptop and iPhone, and now I have a whole new reason to completely ignore the man I love...not enough hours in the day, people!

Here is Saturday's outfit... I think my man felt stifled as a photographer and artist always taking pictures in the same spot, so he had me sit on the trunk. I forgot to put my shoes back on and it was very late, so deal with it! Hah!

Blouse- Silk boxy tank, thrifted
Sweater- Charlotte, thrifted
Tank- Michael Stars, Anthropologie summer 2010
Denim- AG Tomboy, spring 2010
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Miss November Studio, vintage brass hardware and agate

Special Brownie, one of three Guinea Pigs. She's the smart one.

I made one in blue too!

Copper, Sterling and Druzy ring by MNS!

Sunday's outfit...I liked this one a lot.

Sweater Vest- Forever 21, fall 2010
Blouse- Anthropologie, summer 2010
Denim- AG Stevie, spring 2010
Shoes- Steve Madden 2006?
Michael Kors Watch

My poor Stevies! That originally half dollar sized hole keeps growing with each wash. Soon they will be inappropriate for work :( 
Remember how I raved about getting shoe repair done if you love a pair of shoes? I think I paid $80 for these Steve Madden shoes back in '06, back then that was a lot for me to drop on one pair of shoes. I will probably own these forever because they just keep getting better with age. I have had the elastic in the center front repaired and they have been good to go since!

And for today...I was feeling springy this morning so naturally I reached for a grass green top!
I just realized that I wore AG denim three days in a row. Obviously I am a true blue AG fan!

Blouse- Lu Lu Lamé, Anthropologie Spring 2009
Tank- C&C, Anthropologie 2006
Denim- AG Brink Tomboys, Spring 2009
Shoes- Kenneth Cole Tribeca 2007
Ring- Vintage Hanky Remnant, Miss November Studio
Necklace- "Secret Shrine" by Miss November Studio
Michael Kors Watch

vintage hanky under a glass bubble with sterling silver

what's inside this vintage pill box?

 A secret shrine, of course!

don't forget to get your points in for the heart-to-heart giveaway! its almost over!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple Style for the Studio

Hi friends!

I had a great two days off! I ran errands, sent out last month's contest prize (Hey there SJGL! Your ring is in the mail!!!) I got some fun stuff at the thrift store and finished a couple projects in my jewelry studio.

Here is today's outfit, it was warm out, but I knew my studio would be freezing since the boys at Acme Garage like to leave the back door open. That cross breeze is chilly!

Sweater- Forever21, fall 2010
Leggings- BDG, Urban Outfitters
Socks- Anthropologie
Boots- Steve Madden, Fall 2010
Necklace- Miss November Studio

I just finished the necklace yesterday and wanted to take it for a test run to make sure the clasp would stay at the back of my neck. I'm giving this as a gift to a dear dear friend who recently moved to LA. You can read more about both of my projects from yesterday and today here.

Parisa's Pho Necklace. Friends Pho EVA!
 I also made this ring, which was inspired by the story of a ten year old amateur astronomer's recent discovery of a supernova.

Supernova Ring

Don't forget to comment and get your name in the raffle for the February Heart-to-Heart Giveaway!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here's the Deal...Plus a January Recap

I have been worrying and thinking about how to approach the subject with you dear readers, but I think if I'm going to continue with C@C, I need to disclose a few things about what it means to (not) blog about the company I work for.

I have made it known that I am currently employed by Anthropologie, which is a publicly traded company. A lot of my readers are my co-workers and my store manager and district manager are aware that I am actively blogging about my new years resolution.
Even more of my readers are Anthropologie customers which makes this conversation very important.

I have to be very careful about what I share because Anthropologie is publicly traded. Certain information may be construed as insider trading. I have been keeping this blog pretty light on company information and more about myself and I will continue to do that.
One of the subjects I cannot comment on is how much I pay for stuff. Let me put it this way: most corporate retailers offer incentives, contests and an employee discount to their associates. I cannot comment on when, how much, etc...and keeping my budget to $50 a month is making it difficult to NOT divulge certain company incentives, so I am going to change my budget from $50 to only one purchase per month.
I will get in trouble for sharing prices, so I can no longer keep the budget constraint, it doesn't make sense to keep a budget for things when others trying to do the same cannot purchase the same item at the same price. (last month I was asked by a reader how I got an item for less than she and I could not comment back.)

I love my job and take it very seriously. I love the company I work for and the product we sell. I don't want to jeopardize my position in any way and I do want to continue with my project so I have had to tweak my rules a little to accommodate. I'm so proud of making it through one month without going over budget! I'm making headway each day and learning to love what I already own.

Thanks for your support and readership!

Here's a recap of January!