Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jumping Back on the Blogging Wagon

Hello friends!

I apologize taking a few days off, but I have been struggling with my energy level and I have been exhausted after work lately. I have been keeping up with my OOTD photos I just haven't had the extra energy for blogging.

I got a few days to sleep in a little and today I'm enjoying the first of two days off in a row. I'm hoping to get into the studio, but I have a lot of errands to take care of and my home is a disaster! My husband and I have somehow misplaced our video camera and all the tapes of our special moments, our wedding, our honeymoon, a camping trip in the redwood forest and an adorable tape of our animals chasing each other around the backyard. All of those animals are gone and they were so dear to us.

Blake practically tore through the house looking for the video camera, searching everywhere logical and illogical. We have a small apartment so it didn't take long for it to be turned up-side-down in his search. We have run through every scenario in our minds: who would we lend it to and why, the last time we saw it and where we would put it...we have gone through all of our storage at Blake's parents house...still nothing. We may never get those memories back.

Anyhow... here I am at Pappalecco, crying in my tea and panini over lost memories when I should be sharing my OOTD's that I have been to lazy to post the past few days!

Feb 1, told you I was tired!

Blouse- Vintage hand me down from Blake's Grandpa Pete :)
Vest- Anthropologie (you have seen this before!)
Denim- Paper Denim and Cloth, Anthropologie 2006?
Loafers- Vintage (I referred to myself as "The Duck-Man" all day)
Ring- Miss November Studio
Necklace- Miss November Studio

Feb 2, I finally got some sleep!
Sweater- Forever 21 (recent purchase with an old merch credit I've been hoarding!)
Dress- Vintage Hawaii label
Necklaces: red coral and vermeil, Anthropologie (old)
 and vintage turquoise and sterling
Michael Kors watch

Feb 3, day off and feeling fabulous!
Sweater: Sparrow, Anthropologie fall 2010
Tank- eloise, Anthropologie spring 2010
Denim: AG leggings, Anthropologie 2009
Boots: Dolce Vita, Urban Outfitters 2009

 I have something else to tell you, but I'll put it in my next post! CONTEST!!!


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about you guys losing your video camera! And especially all the memories stored on the tapes. The part about your animals chasing you around almost made me tear up. Crossing my fingers that you find them soon!