Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heart-to-Heart Winners and Outfits!

Howdy Friends!

First, the winners of the Heart-to-Heart Contest...


The winner of most comment posts is GOLDENMEANS
and the winner of the drawing is BRIANA!

contact me at missnovemberstudio (at) yahoo (dot) com to claim your prizes!

Its been a busy week and its about to get busier! I have been making contacts at local stores to sell my jewelry and I'm learning about what I can sell in retail stores to still turn a profit once the store takes their cut. I still have some work to do! 

Here are the outfits for the last few days...


Jacket- HeiHei, Anthropologie spring 2010
Dress, Tracy Reese, Anthropologie 2007?
Shoes- Seychelles, Anthropologie 2009
Earrings- Vintage 
Fresh from the studio last week, Ray Gun Necklaces in Sterling and Copper by Miss November Studio!


Blouse- Vintage Mexican Embroidered Flour Sack 
Skirt- Buffalo by David Bitton
Sunglasses- Ray Ban Aviators
Belt- thrifted
Shoes- Toms
Cuff- Vintage
Moped- 1970's Pinto


Sweater- H&M spring 2010
Dress- Vintage 1940's Rayon
Shoes- Vintage Chuck Taylors
Michael Kors Watch
Ring and Earrings- Miss November Studio
Handbag- Vintage

single Fall Leaf Earring by Miss November Studio

This weekend was fun, Hubby and I went to the in-laws to do some laundry. We had a pipe burst and all our towels were used to sop up the mess and they were so stinky!

My brother in law just bought a 1970's Pinto Moped to ride to school so Hubby and I snuck it out for a quick fun! I've always wanted a 50's Vespa to ride around on, but since we moved to a more urban area, I just don't think it would be a safe option. Oh well!

My in-law's have fabulous landscaping and the backyard has a guest cottage and a tiki hut, so it was the perfect spot for taking pictures for EDIE+edie. It was so beautiful Saturday so I hauled a bunch of vintage clothes and Hubby was my photographer taking pics for my vintage Etsy store. Here's a sneak peek:

Vintage Stripe Pencil Skirt

Vintage Pencil Skirt

Vintage Halter and Leather Skirt

Vintage Contempo Casuals Dress

Sunday I had a shopping date with a few friends, we went to lunch and hit a bunch of boutiques I had never been to before. Amy found a few great items, but Megan and I were able to walk away from everything! I did see an amazing vintage shirt at Frock You Vintage but I had already scoured the $5 and $10 piles on Friday and found a few amazing vintage deals, so I had to leave it behind. It had little apples and liquor jugs all over it in a repeating pattern and it was so whimsical! Errrr...I have been thinking of shopping so much lately, its been really hard to leave work with nothing! I'll be ok though...

I think...



  1. Oh wow, I'm a winner! I will email you soon :) I absolutely *heart* the way you paired Chuck Taylors with that beautiful blue vintage dress -- such an amazing look! I will have to try it myself sometime. And the pictures for your shop are awesome too!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you :)

  2. Wow, those pics are amazing. I am definitely going to purchase one of your MNS have a real gift. Love the bike outfit.