Monday, February 7, 2011


I have a few outfits for you and an exciting announcement!!!

Ok, Ok, I'll start with the announcement...

My new Etsy endeavor is now open for business (I have only listed a few items so far) at EDIE+edie. So far it has only 3 listings, but I'm working on getting it all up there!

Here's my "about me":

I have been collecting and wearing vintage since I can remember. Even as a kid I rocked 60's hand me downs (fourth grade, yellow bell bottom cords, never ending humiliation). I briefly owned a fantastic vintage store in Oceanside, CA with my friend and it was glorious! Opening a shop on Etsy was always an eventuality because I can't stop hoarding! EDIE+edie is born of my fascination and admiration of Little Edie Bouvier Beals' sublimely individual fashion sense born of necessity and insanity. What better two words to describe fashion?

So, one more thing to suck away at my precious little time, but I'll be glad to have a place to sell all the great vintage I find!

OH, and my blog friends always get a discount! When you find something you like enter coupon code
EDIESFRIEND at checkout and get 20% off!

ENOUGH of that though, I owe you three outfits! Ahhh! I hate falling behind, but I can't blog every night! My husband already hates my laptop and iPhone, and now I have a whole new reason to completely ignore the man I love...not enough hours in the day, people!

Here is Saturday's outfit... I think my man felt stifled as a photographer and artist always taking pictures in the same spot, so he had me sit on the trunk. I forgot to put my shoes back on and it was very late, so deal with it! Hah!

Blouse- Silk boxy tank, thrifted
Sweater- Charlotte, thrifted
Tank- Michael Stars, Anthropologie summer 2010
Denim- AG Tomboy, spring 2010
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Miss November Studio, vintage brass hardware and agate

Special Brownie, one of three Guinea Pigs. She's the smart one.

I made one in blue too!

Copper, Sterling and Druzy ring by MNS!

Sunday's outfit...I liked this one a lot.

Sweater Vest- Forever 21, fall 2010
Blouse- Anthropologie, summer 2010
Denim- AG Stevie, spring 2010
Shoes- Steve Madden 2006?
Michael Kors Watch

My poor Stevies! That originally half dollar sized hole keeps growing with each wash. Soon they will be inappropriate for work :( 
Remember how I raved about getting shoe repair done if you love a pair of shoes? I think I paid $80 for these Steve Madden shoes back in '06, back then that was a lot for me to drop on one pair of shoes. I will probably own these forever because they just keep getting better with age. I have had the elastic in the center front repaired and they have been good to go since!

And for today...I was feeling springy this morning so naturally I reached for a grass green top!
I just realized that I wore AG denim three days in a row. Obviously I am a true blue AG fan!

Blouse- Lu Lu Lamé, Anthropologie Spring 2009
Tank- C&C, Anthropologie 2006
Denim- AG Brink Tomboys, Spring 2009
Shoes- Kenneth Cole Tribeca 2007
Ring- Vintage Hanky Remnant, Miss November Studio
Necklace- "Secret Shrine" by Miss November Studio
Michael Kors Watch

vintage hanky under a glass bubble with sterling silver

what's inside this vintage pill box?

 A secret shrine, of course!

don't forget to get your points in for the heart-to-heart giveaway! its almost over!

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  1. I love your necklace with the agate! I am getting inspired to make more jewelry of my own.