Friday, February 18, 2011

I've Been Busy! Sorry!!!

Hey everyone, sorry about the random spurts of postings, I've had homework and so much going on my brain is fried!

Hence the hat...

I have a thing for hats. Even this one. 
Don't judge! (I'm still wearing it...)

So here my dears are the missing outfits for the past few days...please note that I didn't actually leave my sofa Wednesday or Thursday due to homework so no posts of my loveliness...

except for this...thank my dear husband :)

This look says "quit messing with me I'm busy thinking!"

Thanks, honey. And thanks to Mac for giving me that ghastly dead glow from the reflection of your screen! Yikes!

Here is Monday:

Tunic- Tracy Reese, spring 2010
Tank- Eloise, Anthropologie
Denim- AG leggings, Anthropologie 2009
Necklace- vintage
Shoes- Frye, Anthropologie 2009

And Tuesday...

Cardigan- Moth, Anthropologie 
Blouse- We Heart Vera, Spring 2010
Denim- AG Boyfriend, Anthropologie 2009
Shoes- Toms (These are not what I wore to work...)
Necklace- Vintage poker chip 
Earrings- Sterling Silver 

And Friday!

Sweater- Moth, Anthropologie fall 2009
Tee- Little Yellow Button- Anthropologie spring 2010
Denim- Citizens Of Humanity, Anthropologie 2011 (in a minute, in a minute!)
Shoes- Vintage 1970's Clogs (anniversary gift last year from my hubs!)
Necklaces: vintage glass elephant necklace, vintage turquoise and sterling necklace

So a haircut isn't the only thing new...I made my one February purchase...These smokin' hot amazazing
bell bottom jeans by Citizens of Humanity! I know what you're thinking, so expensive...I know, but consider this: I have been lusting after the AG Farrah bell bottoms, and I walk into work and these little beauties are solo hanging on the go-back rack. I immediately reach for them and its like electricity...bolts of lightning shooting through my fingertips at the hanger. I reach for the tag...size 26! They have the perfect dye and shading...and the front pockets! I try them on and its like lightning shooting out of my butt...I mean, perfect ass jeans! I bought them on my break and the rest is history. They have the perfect length for wearing heels, and I love the way they look on. I'm in love with my jeans! Soooo glad I changed my rules (but I only get one thing now, might as well be something I really love and will get a ton of wear out of!)

Gonna check out now!



  1. Your homework face looks like mine! lol
    I like your new haircut! I just got mine cut too, but its really not any different than before, but after 6 months it was time.
    I wish I had your long legs to rock bells like that!

  2. I have to be honest, things just aren't quite right without my daily Sandra-blog fix! I need my dose of vintage, quirky, and inspiring that is your wardrobe :) What's the homework for anyway?

  3. You look terrific in those jeans! Those are the Huttons?