Friday, March 9, 2012


I no longer work at Anthro, so I'm clearing out my closet at capacity! I'm almost there...

To see current listings ending today check my ebay listings and bookmark it! I'll be selling loads of fabulous clothes from your favorite retailer I have only worn a few times!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

20% off because I'm going back to college!

You know how they say people usually give up on their New Year's Resolutions around April?

I know...I'm terrible.
I'm horrible!
I'm such a loser!

Well, for those of you missing out on my outfits, you haven't missed much lately. I've been sick for the past three weeks and all I have been wearing to work is jeans. I haven't been very creative lately.

I bought some new stuff the last few months and my coworkers kept asking about my blog. I would shrug and hand over my money, but inside I felt kinda bad. A few weeks ago I wound up pulling a bunch of stuff out of my closet I haven't worn in ages. A lot of it went to the thrift store and some I sold. I do feel a little better about what I bought during my "hiatus" but I still need to cut waaaay back again.

I decided recently to pursue my bachelors degree after being out of school since '05. I'll start up classes soon and I'm getting anxious. My anxiety isn't going back to school, its more of a- what the heck do I do with myself after work- until school starts. I really want it to get going already! I loved school, I enjoy learning and I pride myself on doing well in academics.

School is expensive and while I do have a federal loan, I still need a new laptop. For the past couple of months I have been saving all of my money from Miss November Studio and eBay sales to get a new MacBook pro. I'm so close I can taste it!

If you have been eyeing any of my Miss November Studio jewelry or Edie+edie vintage stuff, I'm having a sale in both Etsy stores to raise the funds for my laptop. I just need a little bump in business then I'll have a new Mac! The one I'm typing on now is now is over 7 years old, still running like a champ, but its slow and can't handle video anymore. I'm ready to start my bachelors program with an updated set up!

If you want to help, head over to my Miss November Studio or Edie+edie Etsy shops and type FACEBOOK in the coupon code box at checkout. Thats good for a super sweet 20% off!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dressing Up

Hey friends!

I'm so excited the weather has been so nice! I've been dragging the dresses out of the depths of my closet and giving them some love.

Here are the latest outfits:

I know I have said it before and I'll say it again. I love these Citizen's bell bottoms! I could live in them! My entire outfit is Anthro.

I'm obsessed with Mexican embroidery. I have a vast collection of embroidered shirts new and very old, and when I saw this dress I about died. I had my Mexican tooled sandals on, but I had a LONG day at work and just had to kick them off right away!

This is an OLD Anthro dress I bought way back in '05 or '06. I will wear this dress until it becomes threadbare.

Today was "hat day" at work so I dug one of my vintage hats out of my collection. The rest of the outfit fell into place and I actually had to put the dress over my head carefully since I already had my hat on.  Sometimes you gotta put your pants on both legs at once :) I made this dress in one of my college fashion classes from an old simplicity pattern and vintage fabric. The belt is vintage and the shoes are Frye. The pin used to say "Mother" in gold wire but I made a collage on it with an old picture of a scrappy dog that looks like my pup Ruby. My coworkers loved this outfit, but one of the Regional's came in for a pop in visit and looked at me like I was insane. To be fair, she was wearing a navajo blanket as a dress...heehee (just kidding her dress was pretty cool, I could never pull it off)

Well, that's it for now...


Friday, April 29, 2011

Pushed off the Wagon...

Where have I been!?! I have to be completely honest and tell you- I skipped a few days accidentally and then all hell broke loose at C@C. Did I feel guilty, you betcha. I bought some new things relapsing into my pre-C@C shopping habit. Well, not exactly. Let me explain...

Even though I lost focus for the better part of an entire month, I still didn't go overboard. Most of my purchases were on sale and then on sale again and then well there's that thing I can't really discuss...but I didn't do a terrible amount of damage and I did a really nice thorough clean out of my closet. I took a whole shopping basket of clothes to Flashbacks and got a couple hundred bucks in my pocket. I'm going to have to unload even more soon, Blake and I are moving to a smaller place that has an actual closet! I almost cried when I saw it! Its not a grand walk-in or anything, but its decent and runs the length of an entire wall. Sayonara baker's rack!

Without further are the outfits I have been hoarding on my camera for almost a whole month! I make no promises for regular posts and I have no idea if I will have a spot to take pics at my new place, but I'm excited for the new adventure!

nothing new here!

all old stuff!

new blouse

I love this skirt!

1940's vintage tooled leather belt and some hefty print mixing

vintage Anthro

vintage anthro wrap from '05 or '06

vintage dress

Natalie Lete Octopus Dress

vintage dress

new top and jeans

vintage dress

new top

all old stuff-recently made the necklace

all old stuff

New hat for hat day at work
 Here's what I'm wearing today. I had to get this skirt after thinking and thinking about it. I have so many mexican embroidered shirts that would go too well with it! I know-I'm rationalizing, but this is the last last purchase of my April binge and I'm back on track with a vengeance!
Today! New skirt from Anthro

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up- OOTD's

A spike in sales and a ton of activity with Miss November Studio has kept me very busy the past week!

Read about all the excitement on my other blog here!

Here are the outfits you have been waiting for!

I loved this outfit! I was comfortable all day and I felt 6 feet tall (5'10" with the platforms actually.)
Denim and Anna Sui blouse-Anthro
Frye Platforms and vest- Urban
Muse Belt- Contrived To Charm
Llama Shield Ring- Miss November Studio

I got some compliments from strangers on the street for this one...
Jacket- Anthro
Jodhpurs- American Apparel
Blouse- Vintage
Shoes- Urban 
Necklace- Random Vendor in Old Town

Sorry so grainy, left my camera at the studio!
AG denim and Sam Edelman sandals- Anthro
vest- vintage
shirt- TJ Maxx
Necklace- Miss November Studio

Love this dress. Blake thought I looked pretty :)
Dress- Anthro (previously unworn)
Necklace- vintage
Sam Edelman sandals- Anthro

I haven't braided my hair in ages!
Chemise, AG denim, Sandals, tank- Anthro
Umbrella Necklace- Miss November Studio

Blouse and Citizen bell bottoms- Anthro
Frye platforms- Urban
Bracelet- vintage

Blake was tired of taking my picture in the same spot in the house so we switched to a different room. As you can tell I love large (and small) mid century paintings, but the one behind me here is actually mine :) I have an unnatural obsession with agave, I think they are so beautiful and I love the way the leaves undulate. Someday when I have the opportunity to landscape my own property, I'll be planting agave and succulents galore!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 365 App for iPhone!

One of my coworkers showed me this great iPhone app today, its called Project 365 that stores one picture per day in a calendar format. 

This means, without having to start a blog and all that junk, you can do the Closet at Capacity 365 day challenge too! 

It has a lot of applications for different people (it says you can become a better photographer within 365 days...) but for us closet shoppers it means we can document our outfits each day! With a flick of your finger you can check out your outfits, make notes (maybe document your compliments?) and other stuff...I haven't played with it too much yet but I'm excited about it!

Pretty sure everything here was purchased at Anthropologie!

Everything but the shoes were Anthro purchases. 
The Michael Kors shoes were purchased secondhand for only $35!
The brooch is vintage upcycled lucite with vintage buttons and a vintage photo of a dog that looks like my scruffy pup. By Miss November Studio.

I heart this outfit
Sweater, belt and jeans Anthropologie 
Ella Moss dress purchased secondhand
Shoes are from a Mexican vendor on Olivera Street in LA (I own these in 4 colors)
Long necklace is sterling with turquoise made in Mexico
Smaller necklace is Miss November Studio
tinysaw award!
The tinysaw award is something I made up for my friend Allison of Monkeys Always Look. She cut out a teeny tiny monkey for a project and sent me a picture of it resting on her fingertip. I thought she should be awarded for her tiny cutting abilities. This pendant is about the size of a penny. If you need a tiny award for something or someone, I will take your custom order! Crass and lewd requests are welcome.
 I do have a broad, crass and lewd sense of humor!

Vest and AG denim from Anthro
Pour La Victoir shoes and Tracy Reese top purchased secondhand
Hammered copper disc earrings by Miss November Studio
(We refer to that chair as Chairy.)

Yay! Did you miss me?!

Monday, February 28, 2011

February Closet Shopping Recap

Oh my, how I have missed you! I have to apologize for not being able to keep up with my posts on a daily basis, but I have been busy with EDIE+edie, eBay and MissNovemberStudio, not to mention tons of extra homework from my day job.
 I also made a new metalsmith friend in San Diego that I'm super excited to spend some shop time with and bounce ideas off of (Hi Allison!) She actually sells the *original* silverware garden markers you have seen and possibly bought at Anthropologie! Check out Monkeys Always Look on Etsy and drool along with me at her super fun, and entirely customizable jewelry!

Photo borrowed from Monkeys Always Look's Etsy site.

 I'll try and be better about posting, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with daily posts, but I will continue to post my outfits and update you on my shizzzz...

I will tell you, I bought my one pair of Citizens Of Humanity Jeans as my purchase of the month, and although they were super expensive, it was still less than my average monthly spending pre-Closet at Capacity. I bought some other stuff, but they are socked away for Christmas gifts (sometimes when you see a great deal, you gotta grab it now!) After last Christmas, Blake and I decided we would try and spread our Christmas spending throughout the year, so far I have found presents for two people. I feel pretty good about that!

I'm so excited to see the product landing for March, I think what I learned this month is to not be hasty and just make a purchase without thinking about it first. Usually I leave the tags on things to mull it over, and I'm glad I did. I initially bought a Bordeaux maxi dress because I thought it would sell out. I held onto it for three weeks before finding my PERFECT bellbottom jeans. 

For March I have my eye on the striped Eva Franco dress and the We Heart Vera strawberry print dress...but we will see!

Here is my recap of February's outfits, the first 4 or 5 had not been posted due to lameness on my part. Sorry. Really. I've been busy shopping my closet!