Monday, February 28, 2011

February Closet Shopping Recap

Oh my, how I have missed you! I have to apologize for not being able to keep up with my posts on a daily basis, but I have been busy with EDIE+edie, eBay and MissNovemberStudio, not to mention tons of extra homework from my day job.
 I also made a new metalsmith friend in San Diego that I'm super excited to spend some shop time with and bounce ideas off of (Hi Allison!) She actually sells the *original* silverware garden markers you have seen and possibly bought at Anthropologie! Check out Monkeys Always Look on Etsy and drool along with me at her super fun, and entirely customizable jewelry!

Photo borrowed from Monkeys Always Look's Etsy site.

 I'll try and be better about posting, I don't think I'll be able to keep up with daily posts, but I will continue to post my outfits and update you on my shizzzz...

I will tell you, I bought my one pair of Citizens Of Humanity Jeans as my purchase of the month, and although they were super expensive, it was still less than my average monthly spending pre-Closet at Capacity. I bought some other stuff, but they are socked away for Christmas gifts (sometimes when you see a great deal, you gotta grab it now!) After last Christmas, Blake and I decided we would try and spread our Christmas spending throughout the year, so far I have found presents for two people. I feel pretty good about that!

I'm so excited to see the product landing for March, I think what I learned this month is to not be hasty and just make a purchase without thinking about it first. Usually I leave the tags on things to mull it over, and I'm glad I did. I initially bought a Bordeaux maxi dress because I thought it would sell out. I held onto it for three weeks before finding my PERFECT bellbottom jeans. 

For March I have my eye on the striped Eva Franco dress and the We Heart Vera strawberry print dress...but we will see!

Here is my recap of February's outfits, the first 4 or 5 had not been posted due to lameness on my part. Sorry. Really. I've been busy shopping my closet!


  1. word up! thank you for your admiration and general awe of me.

  2. Oh and excuse me. That painting rules!!

  3. I just discovered your blog. Wow, I admire you to be able to do that! I don't think I would be able to spend only $50 a month at Anthro!! But I do think more before spending my money, now that my own closet is full of pretty things... You inspire me however!

    PS: Being an employee, don't you think it's even more difficult to resist the impulse of owning these beautiful clothes/ deco objects? I told you: you have all my admiration!

    PSS: Great looks!

  4. Why thank you Sandrine! It is SO difficult to keep it in my pants (my money, my money...) but its so worth having people tell me that I have inspired them to try and shop their wardrobe more.
    My generation is so throw away, gimme new, gimme now. I'm trying to curb some of the bad habits I've fallen into and be a more discerning shopper!

    Allison, someday I hope you will enjoy that painting in its full glory :)