Friday, April 29, 2011

Pushed off the Wagon...

Where have I been!?! I have to be completely honest and tell you- I skipped a few days accidentally and then all hell broke loose at C@C. Did I feel guilty, you betcha. I bought some new things relapsing into my pre-C@C shopping habit. Well, not exactly. Let me explain...

Even though I lost focus for the better part of an entire month, I still didn't go overboard. Most of my purchases were on sale and then on sale again and then well there's that thing I can't really discuss...but I didn't do a terrible amount of damage and I did a really nice thorough clean out of my closet. I took a whole shopping basket of clothes to Flashbacks and got a couple hundred bucks in my pocket. I'm going to have to unload even more soon, Blake and I are moving to a smaller place that has an actual closet! I almost cried when I saw it! Its not a grand walk-in or anything, but its decent and runs the length of an entire wall. Sayonara baker's rack!

Without further are the outfits I have been hoarding on my camera for almost a whole month! I make no promises for regular posts and I have no idea if I will have a spot to take pics at my new place, but I'm excited for the new adventure!

nothing new here!

all old stuff!

new blouse

I love this skirt!

1940's vintage tooled leather belt and some hefty print mixing

vintage Anthro

vintage anthro wrap from '05 or '06

vintage dress

Natalie Lete Octopus Dress

vintage dress

new top and jeans

vintage dress

new top

all old stuff-recently made the necklace

all old stuff

New hat for hat day at work
 Here's what I'm wearing today. I had to get this skirt after thinking and thinking about it. I have so many mexican embroidered shirts that would go too well with it! I know-I'm rationalizing, but this is the last last purchase of my April binge and I'm back on track with a vengeance!
Today! New skirt from Anthro

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  1. Cute! I love how many outfits were in this post! =D And yay for a closet!!!