Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up- OOTD's

A spike in sales and a ton of activity with Miss November Studio has kept me very busy the past week!

Read about all the excitement on my other blog here!

Here are the outfits you have been waiting for!

I loved this outfit! I was comfortable all day and I felt 6 feet tall (5'10" with the platforms actually.)
Denim and Anna Sui blouse-Anthro
Frye Platforms and vest- Urban
Muse Belt- Contrived To Charm
Llama Shield Ring- Miss November Studio

I got some compliments from strangers on the street for this one...
Jacket- Anthro
Jodhpurs- American Apparel
Blouse- Vintage
Shoes- Urban 
Necklace- Random Vendor in Old Town

Sorry so grainy, left my camera at the studio!
AG denim and Sam Edelman sandals- Anthro
vest- vintage
shirt- TJ Maxx
Necklace- Miss November Studio

Love this dress. Blake thought I looked pretty :)
Dress- Anthro (previously unworn)
Necklace- vintage
Sam Edelman sandals- Anthro

I haven't braided my hair in ages!
Chemise, AG denim, Sandals, tank- Anthro
Umbrella Necklace- Miss November Studio

Blouse and Citizen bell bottoms- Anthro
Frye platforms- Urban
Bracelet- vintage

Blake was tired of taking my picture in the same spot in the house so we switched to a different room. As you can tell I love large (and small) mid century paintings, but the one behind me here is actually mine :) I have an unnatural obsession with agave, I think they are so beautiful and I love the way the leaves undulate. Someday when I have the opportunity to landscape my own property, I'll be planting agave and succulents galore!


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  1. I can't believe those flared jeans... So amazing on you!