Friday, January 14, 2011

Butternut Squash

Hey friends...don't forget to get your points in the STERLING FILIGREE RING GIVEAWAY!

Yay, I made it through the week without buckling/falling off the wagon/relapsing and purchasing the AG Farrahs or that as-of-yet-named brown and tan dress! I still reaaaaaly want them though, sigh.

I did think about secretly purchasing them and withholding from you, readers, but then I felt guilty. I felt guilty I was even thinking of lying and stashing. You are keeping me honest, and I thank you!

Today I was perusing the many fabulous items in my closet and pulled out a skirt I have worn maybe twice, and not in the last year and a half. Why is it I fall in love with things, I HAVE TO OWN THEM, and once they are in my posession I lose interest? That problem is the bulk of the purpose behind C@C. I need to dig out those things I once found so irresistable and make them work!

I know you Anthro lovers will remember this goodie from about two years ago. I always thought it had a certain Charlie Brown feel to it, its reminiscent of his yellow tee with the bold brown horizontal zig zag across the front. Now there's a guy with closet issues opposite of mine...maybe C.B. is who my husband takes styling cues from by wearing practically the same things all the time. 

But I digress...this is not about Charlie Brown or my husband. This is about the skirt I loved, rarely wear and can't seem to eject from my closet. I found it quite a task to put together an outfit with this skirt, what does one pair with butternut yellow? I settled on this burnout tee with a chemise under but it was still boring. This is where my coworker teased me...I found the outfit so blah that I started layering on accessories...

and layering,
and layering...I even edited some and I still felt weighted down with all the extras. 

But...I got tons of compliments. Not sure if it was just the skirt or the necklace (which everyone was dying over) but I got a lot of "I love your outfit/skirt/necklace" today. Was it out of pity? Perhaps, but mid-shift I was feeling a lot better about potentially overdoing it with accessories. 

Enough said already, here the darn thing is!

Jacket- Anthropologie spring 2010
Tee- burnout long sleeve, Anthropologie spring 2010
Chemise- Anthropologie 2006
Skirt- Anthropologie 2009
Belt- thrifted
Necklace- Anthropologie 2009
Earrings- Anthropologie 2006
Tights- Anthropologie fall 2010
Boots- Dolce Vita 2009
Ring- Miss November Studio
Bracelets- vintage bakelite and lucite

I have been doing a ton of thrifting lately, probably in response to my lack of shopping for clothes. I have plans to open an Etsy store for all of my thrift store finds. I can't help but buy the really good stuff I find, at one time I was a vintage store owner and its just ingrained in me to never leave it behind! Having an Etsy shop for my vintage will allow me to dehoard some of my vintage collection that I just can't part with otherwise. Here are some recent jacket finds:
faux fur plush hoodie

80's cropped leather jacket

 Poodle hair bomber style sweater. No seriously, it's made with the hair of poodles...

sweet 60's long overcoat



  1. I want that coat!

  2. Well I love the skirt! I like it with the blue 80's jacket (I've always loved blue and yellow together). And I have to say that if you start an ebay store with all your thrift finds, I am going to be in big trouble.

  3. :) I have this skirt too! The Mid-Century Modernism Skirt I think it was called. I smiled big when you compared it to Charlie Brown's iconic zig-zag shirt -- I never thought of that before, but it's so apt!

    I too have the annoying tendency where I NEED AND HAVE TO HAVE a certain piece, and then it sits abandoned for months/years once I obtain it. So illogical.

  4. @becca, I hope you mean the POODLE sweater! Heehee! I'll let you know when its available for sale! I need to take it to the groomers for a cleaning though!

    @carrie, I will be so happy if you bought everything!

    @goldenmeans, doesn't it make you sad to look at those once beloved (if for only a moment) items and wish you had that money back in your wallet?!