Monday, January 10, 2011

The Layering Effect...

Today was rough for this non-shopper. My co-workers were trying to find ways to help me bend the rules of my $50 budget so I could buy the new AG Farrah's that I am obsessed with. There's also this amazing vintage inspired dress...I'm dying inside :(

I'm OK!!! I'll be fine! If I can get through this mental checklist of wants and not splurge I know I can go the year. 

This is really hard, and with all the new spring merch coming in, its gonna get even harder!

Today's outfit was another spontaneous late night pick for an early morning at work. I picked this cardigan off the top of my "to put away" pile and the rest of the outfit fell into place. 

It was really cold at 5:30am so I layered until my face was buried in embroidered wool.

As the day progressed I peeled the layers away, first the jacket, then the scarf. I was wearing a purple beanie which was also removed. Around 2pm I was so warm I kicked myself for not under-layering better with something more work appropriate than a Michael Stars tank. 

Here's my OOTD, layer by layer:

I must admit, I started out the first half of my day in UGG boots, they're so warm and comfy. I can wear these boots for a full 9 hour shift on my feet without too much fatigue. They up the ante in outfitting with pure sassiness.

Bye-bye leather jacket!

This was still too warm for work.

Sweater- Anthropologie, fall/winter 2010
Leggings- Hue, fall/winter 2010
Boot Cuffs- hand made by KittyDune on Etsy, current (LOVE HER HANDKNITS!)
Boots- Urban Outfitters, Summer 2009
Tank- Michael Stars, Spring/Summer 2010

I love these earrings. They're simple die stamped brass beauties and I get tons of compliments. I used to make tons of inexpensive jewelry out of brass die stamps, similar here on Etsy.

Sassy boots!

On a side note:
My Michael Stars tanks are the hardest working items in my wardrobe. I have two of each in multiple colors, and for Halloween in a pinch I sacrificed a gold one for my Carmen Miranda Turban. It stayed in place all night (And I won best costume! Yeaaaaaaah!) Its now on a milliner's head block on my dresser. Maybe around June, when I'm desperate for something different you will see this make an appearance in an OOTD. Hah!

Question for today:

Which fashion icon's style do you identify with most?

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  1. 1. I have that sparrow? sweater - and I love love love it!
    2. Stay strong! you can do this! (in five days we can lean on eachother! :-)

  2. Thanks for the support! Yesterday was the first day I was really bummed not to shop. I did well though, I made it through the day without making a clothing purchase. Usually I would just grab 'em, throw down my credit card and hide them in the closet for a week :)
    I did stop into Sephora and buy TWO new Nars lipsticks. Ouch...