Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something Old...Vintage Anthro and Entomology Taxidermy and I Might be a Cheater.

Yesterday was my closing shift so my picture was taken at appoximately 1am by my groggy hubby.

I adore this dress. I loved it when I saw it for original price back in 2006, but I found this gem just a few months ago at a fashion swap store. It has an itty bitty stain, but other than that its perfectly worn in.

And so comfy! 

I decided to go quirky and paired it with my victorian-esque canvas and leather lace up boots from Urban Outfitters. I fell in love with these in the catalog and purchased them right away. They aren't very versatile but they get tons of compliments.

My accessories for the day were a victorian inspired jet button ring and a green japanese beetle taxidermy necklace.

I bought the necklace from a vendor in Old Town for $10. Its an unusual accessory for a grown woman to wear, but I love beautiful bugs and sometimes I can be a little weird.
I embrace my weirdness!

As I was walking to Pappalecco for a pre-work panini, I found a japanese beetle laying in the mulch of a planter. Luckily I had my journal because suddenly a story sprang into my mind about an unusual girl of 12 named Clara who wants to be a boy and wears a japanese beetle pendant that she and her apothocary father made. I'm probably a little inspired by Edward Gorey since it has a macabre twist, but I certainly can't draw like E.G. so for now the story is playing out in my mind and in journal form. Hopefully I can keep up with Clara and eventually have a full story to share. Right now I'm writing about how she uses a linen bandage to bind her budding breasts and mimics the lumbering walk of the coal boy to practice being a boy. She has also stolen breeches off a clothesline and sometimes wears them in place of her petti-breeches.'s my "Apothocary's Daughter" OOTD...

Dress- Odille, Anthropologie 2006
Boots- Urban Outfitters 2010
Socks- Anthropologie
Ring- Anthropologie
Necklace- Purchased in Old Town, San Diego
Michael Kors Watch

Oh...I have a major confession to make. 
I bought a dress and dipped into my February budget by $20.

Last week at work we were talking about the Twinkle Twinkle dress by Girls From Savoy from last spring, there's a new version of it in stores now. I had purchased this immediately at full price and returned it due to shoppers remorse within a few days. I was in love with this dress and by the time it went on sale my size was gone. I'm just not the type to go searching for things, I'm too lazy, and I took it as a sign that I didn't need it anyway. 

Back to last week's conversation...I had said if it ever magically appeared in my size I would buy it no questions asked. I always felt like this was truly "the one that got away!" Anyway, a few days ago a coworker brought it to me and I bought it then and there. FOR $39.95!!! You all know I have been so good this month and still had $20 left in my January budget, so I borrowed from February and I refuse to feel bad about it. Yes I cheated a little, but let's call it bending the rules. Its not like I borrowed from February, March and April to buy the AG Farrahs!

Don't judge.

Can you ever forgive me for fudging a little?

Now I only have $30 going into February. Is it weird that my palms are sweating and I feel a little light headed at the thought?


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  1. I am SO jealous that you found that dress in your size. I've been hunting for a size four for a few months now...very sad.

    For $40, it's such a steal!