Monday, January 3, 2011


Welcome back from the weekend! I'm into day three of my 365 day far, so good.

Does anyone else stay up too late, pull their outfit right before bed and throw it on at 5am without a thought? I'm not sure I love this outfit, but I received a ton of compliments on the poncho and I was warm and comfortable all day, so I guess its a win. I had it shrugged up and cowled at one point today, the buttoning and slouching scenarios are endless!

The poncho was previously unworn and sat in my closet since early summer. It was one of those $9.95 Anthro purchases I just couldn't pass up at the time, but each time I came close to wearing it, back into the closet it would go. I ripped the tag off and finally committed to keeping the poncho this very morning. 

The skirt was a pre-owned find, I usually find black, red, or brown suede miniskirts, but lavender? I couldn't pass it up! It was purchased at a fashion swap store around late summer and again, it sat in the closet until I tore the tag off this morning. It has a high waist perfect for tucking fitted or blousy tops. It wins for versatility within my wardrobe. I'll be wearing it again soon!

These Steve Madden boots were an impulse buy early in December, but I have already gotten my $188 out of them. I was lusting after a Sam Edelman military boot in a Free People catalogue a few months back, but they sold out quickly. The lace-up military styling of these makes them extremely versatile in my wardrobe and magically they fit my skinny calves! Hooray!

Size 9's with thin calves. Boots are not an easy fit for me.
Knit Poncho- Pure Handknit, Anthropologie winter 2009
Tunic- LA Made, Anthropologie summer 2010
Leather Miniskirt- Cayenne Leather
Leggings- Eloise (fleece lined, yuummmmm), Anthropologie, current
Boots- Steve Madden, current
Coral Necklace- Anthropologie in case, 2006
Boot Necklace- Anthropologie in case, 2008
Ring- Anthropologie in case, 2006
Watch- Michael Kors Rose Gold, Nordstrom, current

I bought this December 2008 as a gift to myself for a promotion! MK should be giving me a sales bonus for selling to people admiring it!

boot necklace

glass and brass ring
I'll be going out to a bar for a bit tonight to say Happy Birthday to my dear friend Celestina! I'll probably change up the outfit a bit so I'll post any wardrobe updates later!

Boots are one thing I struggle with fit-wise. The calves are usually too big for me, and with size 9 feet (make that feet-slash-swim fins!), I think boot designers automatically assume the average 15" circumference will work for everyone. What wardrobe item are you forever hunting for worthy of public dancing (touchdown! Yessssss!) when it fits just right?


  1. Very cute - I love sweater ponchos. There was an amazing cashmere Vince one I came across in boutique in Albany about 6 years ago, back when we were still starving grad-student/nonprofit employees, and I couldn't afford it, but I still think about it from time to time today.

  2. Ponchos are not even remotely my style, but that sweater version is *adorable*. You wear it super well! Also, I love your boot necklace and your actual boots ;)

  3. I've seen that watch on both you and Carol and I love it! It's great that it has a nice big face and still looks feminine.