Thursday, January 6, 2011

Butterbean Butt Badge

Its been a few days, but I haven't fallen off the wagon yet!

I fell asleep early on Monday and didn't get a chance to post my OOTD, so here it is!

I love high-waist, wide leg pants. I love them even more if they're vintage! These pants are so long I have to wear platforms so they don't drag. I'm 5' 7.5" and I have really long legs, with platforms I'm all legs in these jeans!

Blouse- Weston Wear, Anthropologie 2008
Vest- Only Hearts, Anthropologie 2005
Jeans- Chemin De Fer, vintage
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, purchased second-hand 
Ring- Miss November Studio (scroll down for close up)
Watch- Michael Kors, current

I had Blake take my photos for this outfit. He becomes really exasperated and takes rapid-fire photos to get it over with, and he hates this photo. I like it!

I am a huge dork, this is me clowning around and showing off my booty. These pants give me lima bean butt. I don't mind though...before he passed, Blake's Grandpa nicknamed me Butterbean Butt. I wear my butt proudly, like a badge...a butt badge. Hah!

I made this ring from a vintage sterling pin. I have a weird fascination with Llamas (I really want one!)
Blake made a jig from a piece of pipe so I can make rings that fit knuckle to knuckle and wrap around the finger. Its pretty dramatic looking, but its an illusion...

I made it like a shield, the front covers the entire front portion of your finger wrapping around the sides but the small band in back ensures full range of motion and complete comfort. I have made a few rings this way and it always surprises people to see that the ring isn't just a tube.

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