Sunday, January 2, 2011

$50 Going, Going....

Don't worry, I haven't blown my January Anthro budget just yet, but I did purchase a new dress:
 $9.95 STEAL: Nathalie Lété Paris for Anthropologie Marine Mural Dress 

I picked it up after work for $9.95! Someone made a huge return of summer items and I saw this little number hit the return bin. I know the last thing I need is another dress, but it will be so comfy in summer with heels or sandals! 

Here is my OOTD:
I don't know what the motivation was, but late last night I was pulling together an outfit really late and I had to be up really early.  I guess I was feeling playful (as you can clearly see)!

Blouse- Anthropologie, summer 2010 (previously unworn)
Pants- Vintage LEE Frontier Woman Denim Cigarette Pants (late '50's/early '60's) $5 at Frock You Vintage's Huge Frocking Sale (in San Diego)
Shoes- Anthropologie, Miss Albright summer/fall 2009
Belt- Contrived To Charm, The Muse, current
Necklace- Vintage, sterling and copper
Ring- Miss November Studio, sterling silver and turquoise
My headband is a chiffon sash tied around twice and knotted.

I'm a silversmith, check out my shop Miss November Studio on Etsy!

vintage necklace gifted on Valentine's Day by my Mother in Law

More on those pants...
Frock You Vintage is a FANTASTIC little vintage haven in North Park in San Diego. They carry some high end, some rare and collectible, and a ton of wearable vintage in really good shape. Every so often they have a "Huge Frocking Sale" where they fill the yard next to the shop with racks and racks of $1-$10 vintage clothes and accessories. They also invite guest vendors to sell. Its like a free for all and I have found some really great, super cheap stuff. You can check out some of their amazing vintage at, but I suggest you visit their store if you can!

...and that belt...
Contrived to Charm is owned by my supertalented friend Tiffany who is amazingly crafty. After Tiffany and I closed our co-owned vintage clothing store, I started silversmithing and Tiffany picked up leather tooling. Her business took off immediately, people love her belts, especially The Muse. We have spotted Contrived to Charm on Margaret Cho virtually anytime she is on television, and there's a rumor that Kat VonD is a C2C fan, although she never seems to cover her midriff... Tiffany's belts are featured in Etsy treasuries and she has been on the home page of Etsy more times than I can count. She has definitely found her calling. I remain her biggest fan and at last count I own 7 C2C belts. She can be found selling her various belt and handbag designs at and her blog, or shop her wares at Home Mercantile (yelp profile link) in North Park in San Diego.

"The Muse," handmade by Contrived To Charm

Cho LOVES her Muse belt by C2C

I need your opinion...
I showed off my supersweet dress deal to Blake and he thinks $50 is a baloney budget. Maybe he just has no idea of what my clothes cost (from years of sneaking things into my closet), but he thought one piece of clothing a month is better. With a $50 budget I have to stay within that set amount, regardless of what the item is. I think $50 is a good, manageable budget. What do you think? 

Day two down...only 363 days to go. 
Piece of Cake.


  1. I cannot believe you got that dress for $10!!!! I'm SO jealous, hahaha. Though, I did get mine for the first cut sale price, so I can't really complain.

    Does unused money from one month roll over to the next? Just wondering, in case you wanted to buy something that cost more than $50...

  2. $50 is a good set about. You should keep it in cash and not use credit or ATM. When it's gone it's gone. And just so you know you can always continue to add to me closet. Love you sis. You can do this.

  3. I think I should be able to roll the budget if I want to make a big purchase. I told Blake it would teach me to save for something I really want instead of going for the instant gratification. I say yes to stockpiling cash!

    I always get super excited for the $10 made my day!

  4. I need one of those belts, how supremely awesome!

  5. Oh god, so jealous of that $10 Nathalie Lete. Good gracious, what a steal.

  6. $10 for the Marine Mural Dress is a total steal! It would have been *not* right to pass that up :)

    And oh my gosh, I have had the C&C Muse belt on my wishlist for months and months now! How cool that your friend actually makes them!!

    As for $50 vs. one item -- I think maybe you should decide based on what your ultimate goal is? If it's just to save money/learn to budget, then $50 is a good limit...if it's to be more minimal/appreciate your closet/not consume as much/not have your hanger rods break, then go for one item per month. Does that make sense?