Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Outfits, Two Days!

Hello dear friends,

I was so tired last night I couldn't bear to stare at my screen for even a moment. I have been staying up way too late and getting up way too early past few weeks. I have been spending so much time on blogs (my own and reading others) that my "to put away" laundry pile is now a mountain, and my husband complains nightly about the humongous mess I have made in our tiny bedroom. I need a day off where I don't sleep in and have a million errands...grrrrrrrrrr!


Here is the outfit from yesterday:

Sweater- LiaMolly New Orleans, Anthropologie fall/winter 2010
Tee- eloise burnout tee, Anthropologie spring/summer 2010
Tights- grey fleece lined, Anthropologie current
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Booties- Suede "We Who See" cutout booties, Urban Outfitters 2007
Bracelet- Copper, sterling, leather and glass cuff, Miss November Studio
I made this cuff with fused glass, red suede from an old skirt, copper and sterling rivets. Photo by Sydney Van Orden
Needless to say, with all this beautiful (hot) weather we are experiencing in San Diego, I was miserable wearing this sweater at work all day. I was pretty disappointed in how the sleeves grew while I was wearing it. They just got baggier and baggier as the day progressed. They're practically kimono sleeves now! Ok, so maybe not that bad, but this is a purchase I now kind of regret. That and it doesn't really translate past Christmas (I think I look like an elf). Oh well, I'll have to figure out how to shrink the arms or have them altered. 

PS, even though the weather is pleasurable for most in San Diego, its really putting a damper on my plans to try and get through most of my winter clothes before spring really hits so I have less chance of forced outfit repeats.  

Guess this just means I'll be mixing up my wardrobe a little more and figuring out whats really versatile.

Here's today's outfit, its a "Monday outfit," meaning super comfy for my half-office day. My favorite part is the highwater look with visible socks. Its a little Urkel, and I don't mind!

Tee- Urban Outfitters, spring/summer 2010
Vest- Anthropologie, spring 2009?
Denim- Stevie distressed- Spring 2010
Socks- Anthropologie 2007?
Shoes- Sam Edelman 2009
Necklace- Moonstone and vintage buttons, Miss November Studio

I went out with my fabulous buddy BP (thats BatPig, if you're wondering) for dinner, so I did a little outfit change (and touched up my hair dye! Natural blonde here, people...)

Note DH's yoga mat. He was stretchin'
Tee- Three Dots (previously unworn), Anthropologie spring/summer 2010
Skirt- H&M, purchased for $5!!!
Tights- fleece lined leggings, Anthropologie, current
Socks- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- 1990's side laced stiletto booties (super Madonna ca. Like a Virgin!) Thrifted for $5
Necklace- Vintage rosary chain with opal, Miss November Studio

Usually BP dresses up, wears lipstick and looks amazing when we go on a date and I look like a slob, but anticipating as much I gussied up for her. Guess what? She looked like a slob. I actually called her a troll to poke fun and now I think my little BP might never speak to me again...

BP, I was KIDDING. Even when you're a slob you're beautiful!

Since I didn't post a question for the STERLING FILIGREE RING GIVEAWAY last night I'll make all points earned from answering this question worth FIVE RAFFLE TICKETS!

What is sitting in your closet that you regret purchasing?


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