Monday, January 24, 2011

Long Weekend, Longer Post!

I had a glorious weekend, thanks to a saved personal day I had to use up before the end of the month.

Blake and I headed to an Estate sale early Saturday morning in Bonita. The email I received called it a digger's paradise, and boy was it!
Blake usually gets bored with estate sales but at this one he spent an hour in the garage digging out various pieces for an old 1960's wood turning lathe. The lathe and an entire box of tools and etc was only $50! He was really excited. So excited that he crammed it in our Rav4 and broke my favorite mug in the process :(

I found a few things too...I scored an old typeset tray for only $20, a really cool vintage mexican embroidered shirt for $2 (silk embroidered on an old flour sack!), a George Carlin LP for $1, a couple of Vera scarves for $1.50 each and this sterling and onyx ring (hubby bought it for me) for $15!

I was drooling over it at the estate sale, just look at the detail! Under the onyx stone is a basket weave base. $15 was a steal. Its an amazing piece, unsigned, unmarked, but obviously hand made.

I also bought a vintage tiki dress clip ($12) which I refashioned into a necklace in the studio today. I'll post that one up on my other blog tomorrow when I take some better pictures.

The rest of Saturday was spent at the in-laws with my pup Ruby. We took her on a long walk to her favorite park where she poop danced all over the place. You know that thing dogs do when they do their business then kick their feet to spread the scent? We call that the poop dance. Aside from the poop, its really fun to watch her kicking her legs in the air and running excitedly in circles. She only does it at the park so its a rare show.

Later in the evening Saturday, my brother-in-law Ryan, along with Blake, performed a song he had written for me. Earlier in the week we had gone to see the Old 97's and Langhorn Slim perform at The Belly Up in Solana Beach. Langhorn Slim was amazing, I even got some pics with the band after. The Old 97's were so-so, their newer songs are very repetitive, but I like their older music so we stayed for them as well. This obnoxious woman in front of me, throughout the entire set, would turn to her friend and talk as loud as possible with this screeching, wretched voice. The guy to their left told them to shut up a few times, but I was getting pissed. Who pays to see a concert and just ignores the music? I finally snapped and told them to go outside if they were going to talk. The woman told me to move (there was no where to move to, it was a sold out show and we were standing in a seated area).  I told her if she was going to talk she could talk behind me but she was ruining my concert experience. There was a little tussle, more arguing, some foul language and wine spilled, but I finally broke through her and stood in front of her, making my point loud and clear. Apparently my B-I-L heard her say "why are you so mean" at some point in the argument, and he had an instant line for his song. I'll have to have him copy it for me so I can share. I promise I'm not overly eager to fight with people and generally I'm easygoing, but the sound of her voice was piercing and I was so frustrated. I guess I'm the uptight sober girl now...

But enough of that. Here's my OOTD for Saturday which I was too busy with family to upload and blog about.  I thought, its so pretty, I'm going to spend the day with my husband, I want to look pretty too! I tiptoed carefully around that "digger's paradise so I wouldn't get my previously unworn dress dirty. Did I mention this was another of those $9.95 steals from around Christmastime? Kitty cat dress with pockets? Sold!

It was very bright. Next time I'll wear sunglasses! I just love these sunny pictures on the patio. People waiting for Hash House staring at me is so uncomfortable...

Dress- Floreat, Anthropologie spring 2010
Shoes- Frye, Anthropologie 2009
Necklace- Gold Bird and Cuckoo Clock, Anthropologie In Case 2007

Sunday and Monday I was in grubby clothes so no OOTD's necessary. 
To all of you that joined in on the STERLING FILIGREE RING GIVEAWAY CONTEST I have to tally up your points and find a deep enough hat for all your entries! I'll announce the winner by Friday!


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  1. Oh, you're so pretty in that dress! And good for you for standing up to obnoxiousness. But really, Sandra, I've often wondered myself, why ARE you so mean? ;)