Friday, January 21, 2011

In English, Please.

I'm working at 3 today so I thought I would get my outfit up beforehand while taking a break from a work project.

I feel a little exposed writing my blog in a public place, but I figured I would multitask by eating lunch, having my tea and getting my work done all at once.

I haven't eaten here in a while but sitting here for the past thirty minutes or so reminds me why I love this place. There is a conversation entirely in italian being spoken between the owner and a patron, a loud conversation that almost begs for a little eavesdropping. If only I spoke italian. I bet the conversation is quite interesting (it certainly sounds so).

The place is Pappalecco in Hillcrest, and you can read about why I love them so dearly here.

On to my OOTD. Whenever I wear this dress I feel like a young girl, its flirty style and vibrant colors evoke a certain girlishness lost in the quest to become a woman. Or maybe that's just me.

 I'm fully aware San Diego is boasting bright blue skies and the most glorious weather in the western hemisphere at the moment, but I'm just not ready to bare my legs yet (hence the tights).

Dress- Maeve, Anthropologie 2010
Tights- Hue, Anthropologie 2010
Shoes- Totem Heel, Anthropologie 2009

I made this ring from a piece of Anthropologie hardware. I have one in yellow too!

Tiki heels! Sometimes accessories can are more fun with unexpected details.

My friend Tiffany (of Contrived To Charm) gave me this necklace she made with found objects for Christmas when we had our vintage store together.

The vintage name charm is my favorite part.

I wonder what the note in the bottle says?

Sterling Filigree Giveaway Contest Question of the day:

If you were to send a bottle to sea, what would your note read?


PS...The conversation in italian was about tourists coming home and receiving multiple traffic tickets in the mail from driving in Italy. I guess if you're going to visit Italy, do not drive! Pappalecco owns a travel company that sends its patrons on exciting trips to Italy. They have been hearing back from a lot of their patrons about the tickets they have been receiving in the mail once they are home. Four tickets and $1500 Euros later, the poor guy sitting near me (topic of conversation in italian) having his lunch seems dejected and finacially drained after having a great trip. There are cameras at intersections you may not be aware of. Yikes!

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