Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I told you I would post pics of my mini succulent garden, here they are!

my favorite planter, so mid-century!

Pretty 40's style head mug. She has a boyfriend...

I just bought this blonde head at an antique store for $5. She was a creamer, but she's cracked, chipped and missing her handle. She's perfect for planting!

I love the drippy glaze planters from the 60's. I snap these up in thrift stores whenever I can!

I purchased a lot of these, but many of the planters have leaves "borrowed" from other succulent gardens. Unlike other plants all you have to do is take a piece, plant it in soil and water it. The leaf will grow roots and begin growing a new plant! Hooray!

There is a house not far from my apartment I love to visit. Blake and I call it the "crazy succulent lady house" because the entire street facing wall is shelved out and covered in succulents. Her entire side yard is pot after pot of every variety. If it wasn't impossible to reach I would be sampling from her selection! Yay free plants!

Succulents can withstand a lot of neglect. They need to be watered only occasionally and are extremely hardy. Some of these I have had for years and every once in a while I have to repot and trim the roots because their roots have filled the pot. I have a brown thumb, so they are the perfect plant for me!

On my front porch I have larger potted succulents, but I just love the little collection I have growing out back.


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