Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gold Lion's Gonna Tell Me...

I had a long, exhausting day at work today. When I came home I relaxed with some gelato, tea and Saturday Night Live (good episode, love the PeeWee sketch!). Once that was done I got straight to work shoveling through the giant mountain of clothes in the corner of my room.

It was getting prettttttty bad...

Then I found mildew on my wall. Yuck.
So I cleaned that too.

DH came home a few hours later and made me dinner. He was a late bloomer in the kitchen, but everything he cooks is fantastic. So I cleaned while he cooked and now I'm full and my bedroom is sparkling and mildew free.

And I'm still exhausted.
What better to wake me up than a silly photo session with hubby?

Dress- thrifted
Shrug- Free People 2010
Tights- fleece lined leggings, Anthropologie current
Belt- thrifted and frankensteined (Blake made this belt from two different belts)
Boots- thrifted suede and leather

Gold Lion

DeHoarding Contest Question of the day:

What second-hand gem do you have hiding in your closet?


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