Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Big Fat New Year's Resolution

Last night I was attempting to wedge several newer items in my closet when a hanger snapped in half. I smooshed, shoved, pushed, and used my shoulder to hold clothes aside as I crammed another sweater in. As I stood back and looked at the clothes I had hoarded and amassed during 2010 a pang of a years worth of shopper's remorse struck me dead in the guts like a bolt of lightning.

My closet is at CAPACITY. I cannot fit one more article of clothing in it, not one more hanger will fit on the bar. I use the skinny space saving hangers.

<<I have an "outer-closet" as well as a mini walk in closet. Both bars are exploding with apparel, most I haven't worn in years but love them too much to  give away or sell. I also have a huge dresser and the top two drawers in my husband's dresser. Almost all of his clothes fit on the back of this rack and in a small dresser. He hates shopping and gets outfitted for the year at Christmas.

I work at Anthropologie. Anyone who has been in a store knows what its like to be trapped in the sale room surrounded by all of those attractive clothes. Once you have fought your way out, you find your arm is loaded with a plethora of fabrics and patterns, and before you can blink all of those goodies are wrapped in tissue and shoveled into a bag to be hidden in the depths of your closet so hubby doesn't notice.

My mini walk in houses my dresses, sweaters, jackets, scarves, handbags, hats and a portion of my shoe collection. The "outer-closet" holds skirts, tops, vests and the majority of my shoes. My dresser hides everything else, including more hats. I have enough accessories to open a store.>>

Its pretty much the only place I shop, aside from the occasional thrift store, vintage clothing or second hand shop.

Anthropologie is my weakness.

I have never been one to make resolutions, in fact when I tell myself to cut back on something I do the opposite. This year will be different...
I will perservere.
I will find willpower.
I will stop shopping.

So here is my project for 2011...My closet is at capacity, so I will shop my closet.
I will only purchase thrift store finds and I will have a monthly "Anthro Budget" of only $50 (yikes!)

I have this little blog here to keep me honest, so every bit of encouragement is appreciated. I hope my project, as challenging as it will become, will inspire others to look at that 70% of clothes in their closets whisked aside each day and finally find the motivation wear it!


  1. I am so excited for this project and to see what you come up with!!! What an excellent challenge! 365 days--WOW!

  2. I bet you will rediscover so many wonderful things that you forgot you owned! Can you save your $50 Anthro budget for several months and buy a splurge? Of course, by the time you have stewed on it you'll probably be able to talk yourself out of "having" to own it! Good luck man!

  3. I am proud of you Sandra! This is going to help every girl see how things can be reinvented in their own closet. You go girl! :D You have fabulous style so I am super excited to see how you put new looks together.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I know about three months down the road I'll really need it!

  5. i love this lady! I found you through carrie's blog and love the concept of this, because well, lets be honest.. there are too many of us that can relate. So should I refuse to ring you up if it is over $50? You know, like a good sponsor would do?

  6. I found your blog through In Pursuit of Pretty Things this morning! I love this idea :) My closet is too Filled To Capacity (mostly because of my Anthro addiction as well!). Redoing it in Huggable Hangers let me stay in denial for a while, but it is getting harder and harder to ignore how much effort I have to make to cram my dresses on the rack lately ;) I've made a goal to clean out / donate / sell a good chunk of all the stuff that's just been lying unworn, really think *hard* about what I buy, and to make more of an effort to shop my closet and remix what I already have! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to reading your blog and your progress throughout the year! :)

  7. I am excited to see how you shop your closet, as this is something I need to do as well. :)