Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long Dress-Short Jacket

Today's OOTD was put together for the spring inspiration contest at work!

We have so many maxi dresses in (I LOVE THEM ALL...UGGGGGGGH!) So I pulled out a second maxi dress after yesterday's outfit was chosen as most inspirational for the morning!

Last summer I fell in love with a beautiful blue printed jersey maxi dress that was (yikes!) almost $300. I carried the picture around in my purse for two weeks finally deciding I would just make the dress myself, when, lo! I found this little number at Forever 21 for a mere $25!!!

I did a little dance in the fitting room when I saw the floor grazing length on my 5 feet and  7 1/2 inches of glamazonian height. Usually maxi dresses don't quite fall to my ideal length. I'm wearing 4" wedges and its still long!

Did I mention its also almost an identical print to the $300, but its made of rayon which drapes quite nicely. I love it. 
Although, last time I wore it a lady asked me if I was pregnant. I told her it was my food-baby, which confused her (she was older). Just a quick FYI, unless you see protruding belly button and maternity pants, never reach out and touch another woman's stomach (She actually did this to me). In fact, I think most mothers out there would agree that even pregnant tummy touching is unwelcome unless you have permission or are close family.

I'm happy to report that no one mistook me for being pregnant today.

Dress- Forever 21, summer 2010
Jacket- Penguin
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell
Necklaces- Vintage and Miss November Studio 
Ring- Miss November Studio

My hair accessory is just a silk chiffon sash from a Dolan dress!



  1. Just thought I'd mention that I got to see this sensational ensemble in person today, and it was perfectly Spring! What do YOU win?? Aaand I'm obsessed with the the navy blue endless lengths dress from Anthro. Can't you see me in that?

  2. Oh, Sandra, you look great! I love this outfit. And that bow is very Tavi. ^_-