Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Saks

Hey Friends,

Was it just me or was everyone incredibly sleepy today? Gravity was bringing me down!

I spent the entire day yawning my way through work and practically dragging my feet.

But at least I looked good!

I bought this vintage Saks Fifth Avenue tunic at a local fashion swap store as soon as it hit the rack. I think it looks very mid-century and is incredibly well constructed. Yay for geo-prints and turquoise!

All I need is a bouffant, a headband, a charm bracelet and a tray of lemonaide!

Tunic-Vintage 1960's Saks Fifth Avenue (Park Avenue Room)
Denim- AG Leggings in black, Anthropologie 2010
Shoes- FarylRobin platforms (older)
Necklace- Vintage 1960's copper and enamel

 The Necklace:
I found this in a thrift store. Still kicking myself for leaving the matching earrings behind.

Looks familiar?

Joan Holloway from Mad Men (S2P1)
Its not the exact necklace, but it sure looks similar!

PS. I want to live in Sterling-Cooper.

Question of the day:

Who's your favorite Mad Man or Mad Gal?

I think I like Joan best. Her style is phenomenal and I secretly want to be buxom ;)



  1. Gasp! I was just thinking that your tunic was perfect for a MadMen episode! I haven't ever seen Mad Men (*bows head in shame*) but am planning to rectify this very soon. I think of the characters (since I don't know what they're like as people) I identify most closely with Betty's style (so pretty and feminine) but she seems sorta cold and ice-queen-like. I guess I won't know for real 'til I watch the show. And yes, I secretly want to be buxom too. Sigh.

  2. I used to color my hair a much more vibrant red (a la Joan), and while I'm hourglassy, she's just infinitely perfect in her curves. Sigh. I'd steal every dress from that set if I could.
    Also - your tunic is totally fabulous! What a find!