Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing Clothes 1,603,475 Times in One Day

It so nice to have a day off and have nothing pressing to do. I have a to-do list, mind you, but its long and I hate thinking of trying to cram a ton of jobs into my two days off each week.

Some times a girl has to rest, ya know?

First on my list...procrastinating.
I slept in, checked my email, had a text convo with a friend and tried decide which chore to conquer first.

Since I had worked so hard on my bedroom yesterday I figured I might as well finish putting away the week old laundry sitting in my dining room. I took each drawer out of my dresser, dumped the contents on the floor and began sorting, folding, replacing and tossing items in a donation pile. I decided my dresser was just too disorganized to ever find what I want or need so I gave it an overhaul. I ended up filling a trash bag with items to donate!

Afterward, I organized my shoes and boots and took the hats off the baker's rack. Too messy. At some point I'll hang more hooks in my closet to accommodate more hats and belts. This is how my husband cleans the living room. He throws everything in the dining room, including my shoes, making little piles for me to organize and put away. When I pulled the bakers rack away from the wall I found boots and shoes piled haphazardly against the wall.

Note to husbands: please do not treat your wife's shoes this way. It makes her sad.

Once that project was complete, I yanked the vintage bin out of my closet and began photographing some of the items I'll be putting up for sale soon. I'm still undecided on the name of my shop, but I've been tossing around "EDIE+edie Vintage". 

I'll explain...There is a documentary hubby and I stumbled across this summer on Netflix. The description sounded interesting so we watched. After 20 minutes I realized my mouth was agape and neither of us had said a word or dared to comment. We were sucked in. I was sucked in. Grey Gardens was by far one of the best, most interesting and most disturbing documentaries I had ever watched. A few weeks later we watched the movie Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang. They were amazing and the movie was actually very good. 

Suddenly I remembered the book I didn't quite understand at Anthropologie, entitled Grey Gardens...once I opened it a light went on in my head! The strange cat print apparel and dishes finally made sense! Anthropologie had collaborated with Rebecca Maysles, the daughter and niece of the men responsible for the documentary. Her art is inspired by her father and uncle's work documenting the strange lives of these two former society ladies turned shut-ins. I no longer questioned Anthropologie's vision, but I wondered why they never explained themselves? I'm not the only person who didn't understand the cat print skirts and dresses.  

Now I'm just a little obsessed with the idea of these women who lived apart from the real world for so many years. Little Edie had her own sense of fashion, often wrapping sweaters and towels around her head, securing them with a decorative brooch. Big Edie, bedridden, often wore nothing but a large floppy sun hat, and stayed propped up in bed with only a blanket to cover her sagging flesh. They made their own world, living in it with memories of their former lives as members of the upper class, the famed and eccentric Bouvier-Beals mother and daughter.

I hope that explains EDIE+edie. 

Here are some preliminary product shots until I can wrangle an actual photographer and model.


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  1. I would totally volunteer to model for you, but I don't think my butt would fit in your little clothes ;) I don't think I'll be in the country either! And another thing: you're gorgeous. You should model them yourself!