Saturday, January 15, 2011

One Girl, Two Outfits

I had to get up early for work this morning and contrary to my usual routine I did not pick out my outfit last night when my brain was still functioning. I waited until thirty minutes before work and wore a previously unworn dress.

I felt super comfy all day, however this outfit did not photograph well. Looking at the pictures now I'm skeptical of this dress' future. Maybe its better as a summer lounge dress.

Sweater- Charlotte, Anthropologie 2009
Dress- Forever 21
 Bakelite Buckle Necklace- Contrived To Charm
Ring- Anthropologie 2010
Shoes (not shown)- Sam Edelman

My DH and sometime photographer looking very Un-Charlie Brown-like (Don't worry, readers...that empty Anthro bag is from a birthday gift purchase. I haven't cheated!

Necklace from Contrived To Charm
Leather Feather Earrings by God Speed Leatherwerks

Pyrite "Barnacle" ring

We went out to dinner for our friend's birthday, so I showered and changed. This is what I wore:

Dress- James Coviello, previously unworn, Anthropologie spring/summer 2010
Tights- light grey Hue opaque and mauve patterned tights layered, Anthropologie 2010 and 2008
Shoes- Steve Madden 2005
Belt- Vintage
Ring- Anthropologie (same as above)
Necklaces: Key and Rosary Collage Necklaces

The rosary is vintage and has a little cluster of charms I added, along with a repurposed opal earring that I added by grinding off the post. Its a pretty sizeable opal and glitters beautifully. 
I will never get rid of my Steve Madden pumps, they are so comfortable and I love the style of them. I picked these up at Ross in 2005 for about $14.

Contest Question of the Day:

What item in your closet has paid for itself in the amount of use you have gotten from it?

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  1. Look at you with two previously unworn dresses in one fabulous day! Love it. And can I just mention that I am completely LUSTING after that barnacle ring?? Completely. Lusting.

    Oh, and I own a military/suit jacket from BCBG that I have worn over and over and it never gets old. It's been hard wearing it out here because it is quite warm, but it's probably my favorite wardrobe item. It's definitely been paid for, seeing at how I bought it at the outlets for a phenomenal price and I wear it as much as I possibly can!!

  2. Do you layer your tights to be warmer, or for a special look? So interesting!

  3. That Bakelite necklace is divine.

  4. You looked lovely in the maxi dress! I liked it. :)

    And definitely my "Two Paths Trench" (Anthro '09) - I think I wear it almost everyday. I bought it at full retail and felt super guilty for about 20 minutes. Never looked back since.

  5. @ Thirteenlbs...I do it for both! We happened to be going out on a chilly night so I wanted to be warm, but I couldn't decide whether to wear the grey tights or the mauve patterned I wore both! Its a little trick I picked up working in the hosiery department at Nordy's years ago.

    @eleina...back up off my hubs...j/k! I do love this man and he is totally wonderful. Sometimes he takes my pics for me, and he always sits beside me patiently while I work on my blog!

    @ Julie, I love that trench on you...And yes, you have definitely gotten your money's worth! Never give it up!

    @ Carrie, you have first right of refusal for the barnacle ring!

  6. Sandra - I love, LOVE that first outfit, with the long dress and the cardi - don't retire it! It's really cute! (Sigh, every time I see someone wearing that sweater, I get wistful. I wants it!)

    I wear my AG Angelinas to death. And in the fall/winter, my Apepazza boots. I've been getting a surprising amount of wear from that Peppered and Striped skirt too, which is good, since I bought that at full price. ^_^

  7. UMM easy! my Miss. Allbright brown bowed peep-toed shoes! I bought them full price and was so upset when they went on sale! But I realized that after all the outfits that they have complimented... they were an amazing puchase!